Souk at Central Mall

Want to have a truly Arabic experience while shopping for the near and dear ones at Abu Dhabi? If yes, then rush over Central Mall where an amazing experience is waiting for you. There is an indoor souk in the mall, created exactly in the line of traditional souk in the desert. Even the color combination, ambiance, decoration and presentation create the illusion of good old days. The overall effect comes out so beautifully that you fall in love with the magnificent idea.

Just like a traditional souk, you have everything available. There are different arrays of shops dedicated to different categories. Traditional Arabic music, a blended aroma of spicy cuisine and heavy musky perfumes create the perfect environment and you feel like roaming in a souk of the ancient times. Long corridors and specially built courtyards accommodate hundreds of shops adorned with the ancient Arabic decoration. You can browse through the shops of jewelry, apparels, gift articles and traditional Arabic items. There are various eating joints offering Arabic and continental fast food.

Not only local residents, but foreigners also love to roam around in a souk. It gives the real Arabic touch and makes people nostalgic. During the cooler part of the year, the shops move to the open areas where natural cool breeze makes the surroundings pleasantly comfortable. Sliding roofs, glass panels and walls make it completely modular and it is possible to control ventilation. The idea is quite refreshing feeling and people love it like anything.

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The souk has been created in the ancient style; it is located in one of the modern areas of Abu Dhabi. The shops and exterior creates an impression of good old days.  The shops and cafes are not very big and the items are also not costly. Though big brands are not available there, it is possible to find some of the best unbranded stuff. Prices are not exorbitant and there is scope for bargaining. Other than standard stuff, you can buy common household items, grocery and vegetables as well.

When we visit the city, it is always interesting to have the real flair of it. Most of the big shopping centers offer the similar type of architecture, ambiance and style. Traditional souk like this brings a fresh perspective and it is possible to enjoy the real fragrance of the culture and people. Souk at the central market is a way of understanding Abu Dhabi and Arabic culture.

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