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You may be easily lost in Abu Dhabi. And this will not be because of your ignorance about roads and streets of Abu Dhabi but because of the wide array of entertainment and frolicking alternates available here. This is the reason you start perceiving yourself, together with your loved ones, in the princely state and begin imagining the royalty for which it is known for. If you are yet to explore the fabulous destination, decide now – pick a suitable tour package and pack up! The best time to discover Abu Dhabi has arrived and it is now!

An endless list of attractions are there for you. Each of these places is worth your time and snaps. There are many to be counted as the most viewable and amongst them, Carpet Souk is definitely one. As the name spells it all, you are going to witness one of the most unbelievable collections of carpets from all over. It is worth knowing here that Souk is pronounced as ‘sook’; this is the name given to the open-air market here. To visit this market which is also identified as Afghan Souk, you have to reach Al Meena Road. When included in advance in your special package, they arrange commutation for you.

As soon as you enter the renowned flea market, you are amazed by the assortment of carpets which have come from various Asian countries. You may get to see some from Turkey, Iran, China, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Whether you want to buy one for yourself or not, the carpet assemblage here is just too unique to miss. In case you are buying, expect some incredible bargains. In other words, it is never too difficult to be the owner of these luxurious looking carpets.

But that’s not all. In addition to carpets, you will also see numerous cushions and bed sheets, some of which comprise Persian art in its best form. Most of these are handmade, but you may be duped the machine woven if you are not careful. This may mean an extra hour browsing through the Souk but given the idea to take away the best and long lasting carpet, it is worth. Whatever you buy, bargains are inevitable.

Your comfort is completely taken care in Abu Dhabi when you book a holiday with a professional tour operator. You just have to leave the refreshments and meals to them, and completely concentrate on your enjoyment.

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